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Skills and Experience Beyond Compare

Our team at Matthews Roofing LLC wants to help you protect your property from weather-related damage and other possible hazards, and we do that by keeping your roof in great condition.

Our founder got his start in the roofing industry in 1971, inspired by his father, who worked as a roofer and plumber.

Today, most of our team members have been a part of this company for more than 10 years, and we know how to work together effectively to deliver top-notch results.

About Matthews Roofing LLC in Decatur, Texas

Exceptional Workmanship and Customer Service

We pride ourselves on never taking shortcuts when it comes to workmanship, as doing so always requires leaving something out. 

When you call our team for help with any project, residential or commercial, no matter what scale, you can count on us to make sure every step is done correctly so that you can enjoy the high-quality, long-lasting results you deserve. 

We believe that getting the job done right is more important than getting it done fast, so while we do take a bit longer, your patience will always be rewarded.

Reliable Residential and Commercial Roofer

Over the years, our team has worked on countless residential and commercial roofing projects in the Decatur, Texas area, including everything from routine maintenance to storm damage repair to replacement. 

We work on not only asphalt shingles and thermoplastic flat roofing, but also specialize in metal, and we even have our own fabrication shop to make any trim or flashings you might need. 

Whenever you need work done on your roof, you can turn to our experts to get the expert help you need.