Metal Roofing

Give your Property the Solid Protection It Needs

Give your Property the Solid Protection It Needs

Find metal roof installation and repair services in Alvord, Decatur & North Central Texas

If you’re planning an improvement project for your north central Texas home or workplace, consider the benefits of a metal roof. Matthews Roofing, LLC offers metal roof installation services to make your property sturdier. We’ll install U panel or R panel metal roofing with care and precision, and we’ll custom make the trim for your project.

Contact us at 940-627-0107 to learn more about our sturdy metal roofing options.

4 key advantages of metal roofing

Metal is a durable and attractive material that offers numerous practical and functional benefits when used as roofing. Your new metal roof:

  1. Will last for over 40 years
  2. Does not require frequent costly maintenance
  3. Will not spark or ignite from lightning strikes
  4. Reflects solar heat for a cooler, more efficient home

Consult with Matthews Roofing about equipping your home with a metal roof.