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Our skilled team can maintain your roof.

Roof Maintenance in Decatur, TexasWe all know the benefits of preventative maintenance for our automobiles, and extending the same philosophy to other aspects of our lives can be beneficial. Roof maintenance is an excellent choice for keeping your home or business well protected, and finding a professional team to maintain your roof can extend its life.

At Matthews Roofing LLC, we offer roof maintenance for homes and businesses in Decatur, Texas. We know the value of keeping your roof well-maintained and the benefits of doing so. One of the biggest benefits of regular roof maintenance is keeping damage to a minimum. Having a professional inspect and service your roof regularly can detect problems early, preventing more costly repairs, or worse, the need for a premature roof replacement.

Keeping your roof in excellent working order can extend its life, prevent issues with leaking that can lead to mold growth, and even promote better energy efficiency. Our team has five decades of experience with roofs, and we bring our experience and expertise to your home or business to keep your roof in great shape. Your roof is an important part of your structure, and we recognize the need to protect it to keep your building safe and structurally sound.

If you are in need of roof maintenance, reach out to us. We are dedicated to high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Our team strives to deliver friendly, efficient, and effective service for any type of roof and roofing material. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule with our skilled team.

Roof Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

We highly recommend calling the professionals here at Matthews Roofing any time you require roof maintenance services. 

However, truth be told, many homeowners neglect maintaining their roofs or just simply take for granted its importance. 

After all, many of us don’t actually take the time to look or inspect our roofs every day or at least a few times a month. 

Here’s a quick and purely essential checklist for roof maintenance to keep in mind: 

  1. Physically check the roof for damages including missing or broken shingles. 
  2. Hire a professional to inspect your roof. 
  3. Check for leaks of ceiling and wall stains. 
  4. Regularly wash your roof. 
  5. Clean your roof’s gutters and install gutter screens or gutter guards. 
  6. Trim overhanging branches that are over or near your roof. 

Once again, allow us to reiterate that roof maintenance is extremely important. This is the best and only way to prevent major roof damages, expensive repairs, or a total roof replacement. 

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Trustworthy Roof Maintenance Service in Alvord, TX

Matthews Roofing offers efficient and thorough roof maintenance services to both residential and commercial clients. 

Our services are available in Alvord, Decatur, Bridgeport, Denton, Bowie, and many more communities in Fort Worth and North Central Texas.

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